ZS SOTA, here we come!

Monday, 1 May 2023 is the next ZS SOTA activity day.

So far we have confirmed that summits will be activated in ZS1, ZS2, ZS3, ZS5 and ZS6. Unfortunately the ZS4 activation was cancelled due to the weather outlook but we are still hoping that someone might decide to activate another summit.

Activations will be posted on alerts and activators have been encouraged to spot on SOTAWatch so keep an eye out and try your luck!


Such a shame the weather here on Monday is going to be really BAD. Otherwise, I’d be tempted to give it a whirl from an easy SOTA summit with the 20m delta loop pointing south. Or maybe 10m might be better, with the possibility of TEP aiding the propagation?


One can always try! I’ve been able to get contacts on 15m and 10m quite easily from as far afield as the Czech Republic with 20W and an efhw!

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