ZL3CC Memorial

Andrew White Memorial SOTA Activity Day 15th

Hi all. Sadly, we lost Andrew ZL3CC unexpectedly earlier this year. To remember him, and his contributions to SOTA, AREC and amateur radio in general, the Saturday following his birthday is to be the Andrew White memorial SOTA Activity day. The aim is to encourage portable operation from a summit, and to encourage new and experienced hams to give SOTA a go.

There will be plenty of activity on the Saturday - esp around 0000 - 0200. Please listen out or joinin the fun.

de ZL2AJ Warren (AM for ZL)


I will try to join in. I worked Andrew often with summits at either end, or both, and we enjoyed our “Andrew to Andrew” contacts. A big shock to lose him, after just getting to know him through SOTA.

Thanks, Warren.

I’m very saddened to hear that Andrew has passed away. It feels like yesterday that I had many SOTA QSOs with him while on “his” side of the world, and got useful tips for summits to activate from him via email. May he live on in our memories forever!

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I’ll do my best to be out that day on some summit in Wales. I have fond memories of a few hours spent with Andrew last November when he took me (and Sue) to the top of ZL3/CB-822 (Tauhinukorokio/Mount Pleasant) and let me use his kit to complete an activation while I was visiting New Zealand.

I can’t believe he could have been taken from us just a few short months later.

Sorry to hear that Andrew ZL3CC is silent key. I hope the Memorial SOTA Activity Day goes well.

Jimmy M0HGY

ZL3CC Memorial Sota Day report and some photos.

Well this activation nearly didn’t happen for me as I almost left home without my battery. It was not a good omen as in my haste to pack the battery I left my water bottle on the garage bench, so ended up with about a one mug sized flask of Coffee to keep me going for the morning.

View from Mt.Randall Looking South

I also forgot to pick the pens up of the car seat so had no pen to do my paper logs with. This ended up ok as it forced me to use Peter, VK3ZPF’s VK port-a-log for logging for the first time. I use it for spotting and love it but just never got around to using the logging feature. It worked great and I may get a small tablet for future use and ditch the paper logging.


Ft-857 and single lever paddle by Larry N0SA

My chosen Summit was my favourite Mt.Randall VK6/SW-039. With the road improvements around Perth, it is now possible for me to get to the car park In just a little over an hour. it was an early start, out of bed at 05:45 local and on the road 30 mins later. It was a cool morning leaving home about 7C but was a lot colder down near where I parked the car at 2C. It was a lovely sunny morning though but hiking up to the Summits my hands were feeling the cold. I arrived on the Summit just at 00:00 UTC and it took me a little while to set up and try to sort some issues out. The antenna tuner kept cycling and did not want to tune my vertical antenna on 20 meters. I tried swapping some leads around but it didn’t really fix the issue. Another gremlin which curtailed my operation as I didn’t want to call CQ too much and maybe end up damaging the radio.


View from Mt.Randall looking West.

Conditions to ZL seemed poor but some of the VK stations were good signals.I did manage to bag 2 ZL Summit stations ZL2ATH and ZL1BYZ, I also worked 3 VK Summit Stations VK2NU VK2IO and VK3BYD. Only other station worked were VK5WG VK1MA and VK3SQ. With only 8 stations in the log, it won’t break any records but was still a very enjoyable sunny but cool spring morning. All stations worked were on 20 metres apart from John ZL1BYZ which was on 17 metres.

It was nice to get out and honour Andrew ZL3CC which was the main idea of the morning.


Grass Tree


Parrot Bush, nice flower but terrible stuff to walk through.

John VK6NU/P VK6/SW-039 Mt.Randall.


Andrew (like you Warren and many of the ZL soda crew) was very kind to us when we were in NZ April 2017 and was always there to work us on our activations. We didn’t manage to meet up as we were travelling around so much but spoke to him on 40m on each of the summits we did HF on. Hopefully the memorial day will be continued and if/when the bands improve we will be able to work ZL again.