ZL3 added

Old news now but New Zealand South Island ZL3 is now added and a few activations have already been logged. 3920 new and exciting summits now on the list pushing the total summit count to over 100000.

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Congratulations to all who worked on this - a big effort.

Some lovely peaks and so much closer that equivalent ones in Eu or USA.

You guys speak a mostly understandable English and know which side of the road to drive on too.

Who will be the first ZL to bag 100 ZL3 peaks?



Andrew zl3cc is off to a good start. Im sure others will join in too. Im looking forward to bagging a few and have plans to add one early june. It was an interesting association to survey and many summits will remain unactivated for a while. There are some real nice ones to activate. Totally different to the north island in its make up.

Amazing amount of summits I just checked Canterbury region 147 10 pointers the lowest still over 2000 m
I look forward to working into ZL from vk5 summits or chase from home, with JA and ZL now active in our regions/time zone it should be fun.
CZ ee

I’ve ticked off the 2 easy ones, from now on the summits will require more than a 10 minute walk!