ZL1/VK3ARR: try 20m again, please. EA2IF looks for u

Andrew ZL1/VK3ARR: If you can, try 20m again, please.
I was not available when you first worked on 20m.
I looked for you but didn’t copy you on 15m with a 3 elements yagi and I don’t copy you now on 18.140 with a broadband dipole.
If you can/want to try 20m again, I’ll look for you with my 3 element yagi beaming LP.
Or should I look for you on the SP?
Not sure…

Had to leave to catch the ferry back to not miss my flight home, sorry - worked 11 stations, heard W7RV.


I was not hearing any EU stations here in VK2 at the time - it would be short path in our mornings so I would have been on the path between most of EU and ZL. I barely copied ZL at that time myself. Others further south of me were hearing him much better.
Andrew VK2UH (and VK1DA)

OK Andrew. Perfectly understandable.
Thanks anyway for the effort and congrats for having put on the air a new unique!
Hope to catch you next time… propagation permitting.