ZL1/AK-023 Mt Eden 4th May looking for DX

I’ll be set up after work on Mt Eden ZL1/AK-023. This should be a favourable time for grey line contacts, so please keep an ear out for me. I will try 20m SSB and CW so watch for the mangled CW and callsign :wink:


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Please be patient and check also 14-cw repeatedly, condx may change quickly.
Will switch back and forth between 3.5-cw and 14-cw at this time.

BTW, no reason to worry about lacking practice in cw, just do it as you can!

73 cu, Heinz

I’ll be listenening for you on 20m SSB - Long path has been good between 0500 and 0600 UTC recently VK-EU so I guess 0430-0530 for ZL-EU ? 14.310 or there about is where most stations have been getting through.

73 Ed.

I will try to be on summit in time to work you.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

I may have to cancel as a customer has decided that is the “best” time to meet, I will update the alert tomorrow if it doesn’t come off.

Ok I’ll check before trying to rush out the door at 4.

Any updates Andrew?

I seem to be waking up at ‘stupid o’clock’ most days recently :sleeping: So if I do, I could be up for a 0.01% chance of an SSB s2s :smiley:


Well the earliest I could be there is 0630, sunset at 0634, and the gates close for exit at 0700, so it is highly unlikely unfortunately :frowning:

This customer always cancels meetings at the last minute, of course, but that means whatever I do will be opportunistic now.

Ah, no problem, Customers can be like that…

I’ll have a lie in then :stuck_out_tongue:


I should get a chance after lunch on my way to the airport today around 0200. Still looking for DX and S2S but I am not at an ideal time. Maybe NA?

Closer to 0330 at this point.

Or a tad later.

Pleased you did make it. You were well in the noise on 20 m and initially the same on 15 m but we got a good 5 minutes of propagation so an easy QSO in the end. I know you easily made the quota on VK’s and possibly also on ZL’s.

Stations from EU were coming through on 20 m but only a couple. 20 m ZL beacon was also good. Conditions clearly variable.

I hope the flight back was comfortable and you had a celebratory beer.


Sitting in the lounge now :slight_smile:

Got 6 in the log before I realised I had to move. Did try 14 cw but not picked up by RBN

Hi Andrew,
Did listen for you when you spotted at around 04:30 UTC but “imagined” I heard something on 14.315, but so weak, I could not hear you. Heard Ron (I think) calling you but even he was weak. I guess it was a tad too early for long path, but thanks for giving it a try anyway.

73 Ed DD5LP

Hi Andrew, good you finally made it up Mt Eden before leaving. Sorry I was busy when I called on 15 SSB and I didn’t stick around to follow to CW or I would have put a spot out for you and maybe got some QSO’s going.

73 John ZL1BYZ.

Hi Ed,

I did drop my callsign on the frequency a couple of times - I could hear no-one there at the time. So the path was there to VK3 (just) from DL but not enough for 25 w to a dipole to make it from ZL.