Just listened in on 7.030, and he is calling from WASL HB/ZH-002, not SOTA HB/ZH-002. So this is a portable activation from Zurichsee (lake), not Huttchkopf (mountain). WASL = Worked All Swiss Lakes. He was clearly calling WASL, and no mention of SOTA.


Hi Tom

Yes I heard WASL sent several times by Walter but didn’t know what it meant. One less QSO to claim in that case for SOTA!

73 Phil G4OBK

In reply to M1EYP:

Hi all,
have a look here:

It´s the Worked All Swiss Lakes Award (WASL).
Unfortunately they have the same ref.-system like SOTA,
just because they´ve started WASL before SOTA
was established in HB9.

Vy73 Fritz DL4FDM,HB9CSA

In reply to M1EYP:
I’m curious as to how this is supposed to work. Would he be beside, on or under the lake?


Brian G8ADD

In reply to M1EYP:

My second fixed QTH with call sign OH7BF is on the Lake Kallavesi and thus qualifies for The Lakes of Finland Award http://www.sral.fi/en/award.html#jarvi . Nice QTH with sauna on the lake. Low QRM level in general but without internet connection. The SOTA chasing is possible with QRP, though it can take time to understand that the activator is LX1NO sending 25+ wpm. I guess the receiver antenna system could be improved somehow. Using simple wires so far.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

In reply to G8ADD:

Brian, I’ve often wondered the same thing about lighthouse activations (inside, beside etc) and CASHOTA. One presumes that each awards programme has the equivalent of our ‘activation zone’, and this is defined in the rules.

Somehow, I’m not expecting WASL to require an activator to be under the lake!


In reply to M1EYP:

Tom, these are the rules for International Lighthouse weekend stations:-

“As most available space in many lighthouses is usually filled to capacity, International Lighthouse Weekend activity does not have to take place inside the tower itself. Field day type set-up at the light or other building next to the light is OK. Our guidelines require that the station must be AT or ADJACENT to the light. Adjacent means next to or as close as possible in the field next door”.

Myself,John G4YSS and Kevin G0NUP will be operating with the Scarborough Special Events Group from the lamp room at the top of Scarborough Lighthouse in 3 weeks time 15-16th August, as GB2SCA. All most welcome to give us a call SSB/CW, 40 and 80m

73 Roy G4SSH

In reply to M1EYP:

The station must operate at a maximum of 200 metres from the lake,
with full respect for the environment.

Vy73 Fritz DL4FDM,HB9CSA

Hi goats and sloths,

Just to remind some of you who got HE8BHY/p-
activations in your chaser-log (Jul./Aug. 2009).

Walter was QRV from the “sunny beaches” of Swiss Lakes
and QRV for the Worked All Swiss Lakes Award (WASL).


Vy73 from rainy Germany

In reply to all:

HE8BHY/p was QRV from the beach of Sihlsee (WASL-SZ-004)today.
It was for the Worked All Swiss Lakes Award, so no SOTA-points.

Vy73 de Fritz DL4FDM/HB9CSA

In reply to all:

HB9BHY/p is QRV from the Lake of Lucerne WASL HB/LU-001
for the Worked all Swiss Lakes Award.

Vy73 Fritz