ZD7 - St. Helena - 11. - 25. Feb. 2023

From Saturday 11th February until Saturday 25th February 2023 I will be on St. Helena (ZD7) together with my wife.
During that time I plan to activate one or more of the following summits:

  • Diana’s Peak (ZD/SH-001)

  • White Point (ZD/SH-002)

  • Flagstaff Hill (ZD/SH-003)

  • The Haystack (ZD/SH-004)

During the activations my call sign will be ZD7MG/p and I will be active in CW - as always.
I will use a KX2 (10 W max.) and perhaps an additional MX-P50M amplifier (~40 W max.).
According to VOACAP the most promising bands for DX should be 15 m and 17 m during daytime and I will mainly use verticals (upper & outer, vertical dipoles) together with a 10 m mast.
Two of the above mentioned summits have been activated by Chris, ZD7CA/p, and I might be able to motivate our host Derek, ZD7CTO, to join me on some of my activations.
I will set up a preliminary long-time alert and add more detailed alerts later so that RBNHole will spot me whenever I am active.



Great news Andy - I have only chased ZD/SH-001. I need the other three. Good luck with your plans.

73 Phil G4OBK

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Nice signal on 10m today Andy!
Thanks for a new association! :+1:
Hope to catch you from another 3 :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice holiday!
73, Mario DJ2MX


Well done Mario. Missed you Andy, along with many more today!

Good Luck on your trip to ZD7.

73 Phil G4OBK

I heard you Andy on 10m and replied but you faded away almost immediately. Frustrating but best wishes for the trip. :slight_smile:

Really chuffed to get you in the log this afternoon Andy! Many thanks for the QSO. I was particularly pleased as I’ve never made it outside of Europe on 10m before. Well worth sitting in a cold car on a gloomy afternoon to get the contact.

73 and enjoy the rest of your trip.

Matthew, M0JSB

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Andy, thanks for the great S2S yesterday. Your Signal was really good at EA1/AT-208.

Best 73!!


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Thanks Andy for the Contact: 2/12/23 1718 UTC 28.066 ZD/SH-003
Great signal to my mobile on the beach at Rockport, TX
72/73 Steve aka. Hutch

Thank you all!
Yesterday I was using just 10
W into a vertical dipole.
Conditions were excellent and I will probably use 10 m also for my next
I will update my alert as soon as I know when I will do my next activation.

From time to time my WSPR beacon is transmitting on 20 m … 10 m. It is connected to Derek‘s hexbeam. You can search on WSPRnet.org for ZD7MG.

Andy DK7MG / ZD7MG