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Z3/WM-089 not valid?

I worked Z35BY/P from Z3/WM-089 Friday morning, but the system says that the summit is not valid. Why is that, and where could I (and Damjan) see it?

John, OZ4RT

In reply to OZ4RT:

Hi John

It looks as though it ceased to be a qualifying SOTA summit in January this year according to the database:

From To Score Bonus
03/Jan/2011 10/Jan/2012 10 3 points between 01 December and 01 April

This information can be seen if you log in to the DATABASE and then ‘Find SUMMIT’.

Perhaps your AM can confirm why - I can only assume perhaps it was found not to have qualifying prominence from surrounding hills.


In reply to 2E0XYL:
In reply to OZ4RT:
Z3/WM-089 is deactivated by the Z3 team as from midnight UTC tonight. I am guessing that Damjan Z35BY may have been doing one last activation on Friday before its de-activation. Certainly he updated the spreadsheet which triggered the de-activation. However since the activation/chase was on Friday 28th September it should be accepted by the database. The update to the database happened this evening between 20:30 and 21:30 UTC and it may be that you tried to make your entry at the same time as the update was in progress. Try once more and see if it is accepted. If it isn’t we will have to explore why not.
73 Jim g0cqk

Ooops - we have problems with these summit spreadsheets localising to US dates instead of European. This will need a fix. 01/10/2012 has gone in as 10/01/2012

I’ve fixed it.


In reply to G0CQK:
It is accepted now. Thanks.

73 … John