Z3/EM-006 Ramno

At the top is a military base surrounded by a fence. We kept a clear distance of several 100 m and built up the antenna within the limit of minus 25 m altitude difference from the summit. There were no prohibition signs around. Shortly after the built-up 2 sergeants drove by in a military vehicle. They were friendly but not pleased with my antenna. We were informed that this is a strategical position. After some discussion which was a bit complicated because we do not speak Macedonian, my ID card, my license and my radio device were photographed. Finally, I got the permission to be active for a short period.
I recommend to keep more distance.

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I was in a similar situation. In principle, if the military object is active and you are at a sufficient distance from it, is not a problem, but closer maybe it’s a problem. Once, we activated the peak in the evening and suddenly heard the words: “I will shoot, who are you?”. The military mans had an automatic in his hand. We explained who we were and what we were doing, became they had a little softer, and for a short time they had allowed us to finish our work on activation.
Excuse me, my english isn’t good.

on 13/11/2018 LZ/SG-002

a peak near the road and convenient to activate. We were at the base fence but chased us by rain and a dog from the base. Wiola, leszek and Lena

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