YU1CA/P YU/VO-003 24/12/15 Invalid activation


Aca YU1CA asked me to post on the reflector that his activation of YU/VO-003 on 24.12.2015 is invalid. He was operating on 20 meters, cw and ssb. He apologizes to the chasers who worked him. The log has not been uploaded.

It turned out that he was operating outside the activating zone. The very summit of YU/VO-003 is occupied by the military, the second best spot within the activation zone is occupied by telecommunication antennas. Trying to find a good operating spot away from them, he inadvertently left the activation zone, crossed a shallow col and climbed to the next summit, with a fine operating spot, only 11 meters lower than YU/VO-003. But alas he was not in the activation zone anymore.

YU/VO-003 is the highest and only SOTA summit of Mt. Fruska gora. This large (25000 km2) and low (542 m) mountain rises from a plain, but being basically a ridge, it has only one P150 summit (there are no P100 summits either).

For those chasing other award schemes, Aca’s activation remains good for WWFF (YUFF-002) and for WAS (VB03).

73 Fric YU1WC

Hello Fric, I have not been around on the radio today and pleased I have just peeked in here today to catch your information…
Thanks very much for the update from Aca.
I will delete my log entry (now done)but I also collect FF so still good news :wink:
Best wishes for 2016+

Thanks for the info and sorry for such disappointing finding, particularly for Aca, the activator.
My chaser log record has just been deleted in the SOTA database.
Best 73 and Merry Christmas