Youkits EK1C Experience

Youkits EK1C: Does anyone have experience with this QRP Chinese toy? It’s a 3 bander (20/30/40m) and
pushes about 5 watts.

The filter is about 1.5kHz wide, which is fine but I seem to be able to hear CW sidetone on two frequencies, of which, I assume, one should have been filtered.

I hope I will be able to produce a recording for you soon.

Anyone with similar experience?

This is a great nuisance, especially if someone strong is right next to my frequency.

Assuming “on two frequencies” means on two dial frequencies, with the zero beat frequency occurring between those two dial frequencies. That suggests that the BFO frequency is somewhere in the middle of the filter bandpass, when It should really be on one side for “single signal reception”.

I can’t help agreeing that it seems like a toy, but I’m open to being shown otherwise.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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I would recommend sending this feedback directly to Youkits and asking for a solution (quick/temporary fix).
You can not expect a support a la Elecraft, but it is also not completely hopeless, because a few years ago I was able to have a conversation on a technical level.

73 gl, Heinz

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