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The international Youngsters On The Air Camp (YOTA) is currently going on in Wagrain/Salzburg/Austria and the plan for tomorrow is to send three groups of youngsters to three different mountains and allow them to experience/practice portable operation.

One of these groups will do a SOTA activation on OE/SB-206 Sonntagskogel using the callsign OE2YOTA/P.
However, the other groups will also be QRV on their respective mountains on various frequencies with the operators using their own (international) callsigns/P.

Please try to work them all and be patient - some of them have neither experience with pileups and may also have problems identifying the callsigns. Will try to help and support them as much as possible…

Thanks a lot in advance!
Sylvia OE5YYN


Thanks Sylvia,
I am not around too much these days but will try to work some but in any event YOTA is a good thing so I wish all the young ops very good luck 8-)))
Night night.

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Very good, its nice to see the idea has been adopted for YOTA from last years youth event held by the RSGB. It was great fun and was one of the highlights of the week in South Wales.


As far as I know the UK will host YOTA next year…

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Well done, Sylvia!

I am chasing these activator tomorrow. We enabled this same opportunity in 2014 from Kiiskilanmaki (OH/JS-016) to youngsters. I can feel the atmosphere already beforehand.

Saku, OH2NOS

Hi Sylvia,

I’m also SOTA’ing today on OE/TL-001 (in der Rofangebirge), so look forward to making some contacts with your group(s)!


Hi Sylvia!

I also will be qrv from Buschberg oe/no-207, looking specialy for contacts with the YOTA-activators!
Awdh 73 es GL

Hi Rob,
Hopefully you (and the YOTA teams) don’t get the storms that we just got coming through here - VERY heavy rain at the moment!

Good luck to all - I’ll try to chase from home.

73 Ed.

Got one on OE/SB-206 shame not collect a name of the young operator

karl 73s

Hi Ed,

No such luck for me! Had to turn back at the col (2035m) below the summit due to the very strong winds and, by then, driving rain. Met a group of four people who had attempted the summit, but who had had to turn back. There’s a small Klettersteig just before the summit, and it was getting very slippery there. So, turned back with the others and descended (also slippery!) to the Erfurter hut where we had a snack and an early beer before parting and going our separate ways. Back home now, weather glorious. Pfui!


Weather here changed about lunchtime as well - wet morning, sunny afternoon - not as forecast of course!

You know you did the right thing Rob - better to turn around and arrive home safe than to push on and end up having to be rescued for a broken ankle (or worse).

I heard the YOTA station twice but on both occasions QSB took them out before I could reliably call them.

73 Ed.

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OE/OK1JP/p and OE/OH6VA/p worked on 10 MHz cw today. I heard also OE2YOTA/p on 14.285 MHz but it didn’t me. Good luck for youngsters!

Thank you very much for the chaser activity - much appreciated!!
I hope we didn’t cause too much confusion. It’s not so easy to keep 41 youngsters all on one summit in check :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Will try to post pictures or even a video at a later time!

Now, how do I enter all those contacts for the special callsign OE2YOTA/P into the database? It’s only temporary, there is no email address, no particular user name, etc. I could enter.
How do I go about this :pensive: ?

Thanks for any ideas!
73, Sylvia

Hi Sylvia,
I’m not sure if you will enter the contacts via the web page or in batch form, but if you enter via the web page - you log into the database as yourself and then in the Activation submission screen, put in the YOTA callsign.

As you also operated from the summit(s) you will get the points for the summit (but only once) - and then the chasers entries will match against the “callsign used” field.

73 Ed.

Yes, I was also wondering whether something like this might be a solution. Since I also activated the summit under my own callsign I will just add the OE2YOTA/P contacts without getting any extra points for this. I will, however, use the SOTA CSV Log Editor. Shouldn’t be a problem to use different callsigns in the same log.

Thanks for the help!
Vy 73, Sylvia

I have now logged the contacts under two different callsigns. The only problem is that all the QSOs that I logged for OE2YOTA/P are now listed as my QSOs and OE2YOTA/P is not listed as a separate activator…:confused:

73, Sylvia

Sorry I didn’t realise you wanted OE2YOTA as a different user. To do that you would need to create a new userid in the database and enter the data under that. However as OE2YOTA is a special event call sign that is only valid for a short period of time, I think it’s better that the contacts are entered under the control operator (which is you if I understood correctly).

When chasers try to match their calls to activators, as you entered OE2YOTA/P in the “callsign used” field, the database matching logic will use that and the chasers will get a valid contact confirmation.

73 Ed.

Who is OE2YOTA? Is it a person? Is it a club?

If lots of people used OE2YOTA then they enter the QSOs into their own accounts using callsign OE2YOTA.

If somebody used the call and they don’t have their own licence, then the QSOs are logged under the account of the person supervising again using OE2YOTA.

OE2YOTA is the temporary callsign used for the Youngsters On the Air Camp here in Austria. We used OE2YOTA/P for one activation and I have logged this activation under my account which I, just like Ed, thought was the easiest way of dealing with it. I just don’t want to give the impression that I took credit for all those contacts as they are listed under may callsign now…

73, Sylvia

That’s OK. It’s just how things work here.

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