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Yorkshire Three Peaks, Fri 19 Aug

Yesterday as I took my two young boys up Whernside. This was the first time that the little fellas had attempted the hill and was their biggest hill walking achievement to date.

I’d planned to activate Whernside (NP-004) when I was up there looking out over Yorkshire, and I was pleased to arrive on summit to find that Neil 2E0TDX/P and Karen 2E0XYL/P were located on Ingleborough (NP-005), and Rob G0HRT/P was located on Pen-y-ghent (NP-010). A further S-2-S contact was achieved when Peter MW1CNL/P joined us from Mynydd y Cwm (NW-076) and thanks to Phil G4OBK who patiently waited while I changed antenna.

All in all it was a great day. My boys put in so much hard effort to get to the top, the Yorkshire Three Peaks were activated simultaneously and every drop of beer at the Station Inn was well worth the miles under our boots. However, I must apologise to any stations who were hoping to make contact with me but the wind was picking up and my lads needed to get moving. It was nothing personal!

Rick M1RAL

In reply to M1RAL:
Many thanks Rick for the S2S contact and points between Whernside and Pen-y-Ghent yesterday and ditto thanks to Karen and Neil on Ingleborough. Great to activate the Three Peaks simultaneously. Must do it again soon and rotate as I have not climbed Whernside as yet? Thanks also to Peter on GW/NW076 for coming up to join a mini-net and giving another S2S all round. I must not forget to thank Phil G4OBK who threw an enormous 2m signal in from Pickering. Glad to hear that you have another busy schedule of walks/climb coming up shortly Phil. When do you start your second round of 214 summits for All Wainwrights II? Seriously though, many congratulations for a superb effort in gaining the All Wainwrights award for 214 summits.

Finally, it was good to hear that your two young sons climbed Whernside with you Rick. I trust you have also got them enrolled in a Foundation class but remember when they are qualified you are going to get less microphone time?
Perhaps you will need to consider QSYing SOTA to HF CW soon?

Regards and thanks to GM4DDL/P for the S2S between Pen-y-Ghent and Cairnsmore GM/SS170


In reply to M1RAL:
Thanks to all of you for three S2Ss on only my second activation, what a great way to start SOTA. thanks again. Peter M1CNL