Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

Having just done Whernside and Ingleborough yesterday and Pen-y-Ghent last week I am thinking I might have a go at the Three Peaks challenge next year. I have done it a couple of times but many years ago and without radio. I’m just wondering how often it’s been done with SOTA. Does everyone just take a handheld? I’d want to take a mast and HF too so I’d better get training…


I’ve done it twice using a handheld. No problem using a handheld with quarter whip attached. See my blog for one of my experiences Richard when I led members of my walking club around the 24.5 mile route in 2013. You can see what I worked with a handheld and the time spent making contacts if you check my log in the database from May 2013:
Yorkshire Three Peaks.

I also walked the route with M0PYG on 01/09/11 (before he was licenced) and was considerably faster, as we were able to go at our own pace. Again you can look at my log to determine our times, number of QSOs and time spent talking to chasers from the summit. That day we started at 07:43 and finished at 17:30 hrs. Cafe was just closing but we caught it just in time to join the Yorkshire 3 Peaks club and obtain the certificates and mementos.

73 Phil G4OBK


Hi Phil
Yes, I have read your blog entry and had noted you used a handheld. On 29/5/13 you only had 1 QSO on Ingleborough - I guess you didn’t try too hard as you already had the points from 21/4/13. Perhaps I should try the summits around here with a handheld to see if qualification is easy. My first two activations only got me 1 QSO as all I had was a handheld, although I didn’t have a quarter wave. Perhaps that’s the key. My 4m pole and slim jim wouldn’t add too much weight though.

I’m already a member of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks club (I need to find my certificate) so I wouldn’t be worried about how long it takes (I did it in 8 hours but that was about 25 years ago). Having an hour’s rest on each summit would make the walk more enjoyable provided the weather was good and there was plenty of daylight.
73 de Richard

The RH-770 and RH-771 chinese whips are good performers if you handle them carefully. That what I use now for quickie activations.

73 Phil


Evening, I did Whernside and PenYGhent this weekend on 2m fm. Whernside I got 9 QSOs in about 10 minutes using FT1D and RH770 whip antenna. PenYGhent I used FT1D, carbon6 mast and a slimjim, took about 15 mins to activate too.

I think I could have got away with using the whip but wanted to try out the new slim jim I got. Good luck 73

Thanks for the info. It’s a pity I missed you while you were on Pen-y-Ghent - you were activating while I was between Whernside and Ingleborough.

73 Richard

I’ve done it a few times with a handheld and a 1/4 wave antenna or a small drainpipe dipole. I have been guiding clients around the route. Obviously the clients come first, so the activations have been very short!