Yorkshire 3 Peaks - M0VFC & M0WUT

Hi folks,

This Friday (15th July), Dan M0WUT and I are hoping to complete the Yorkshire 3 Peaks route, and it’s be great to activate the three summits on our way round (Pen-y-Ghent G/NP-010, Whernside G/NP-004 and Ingleborough G/NP-005).

To keep weight and setup time down, we’ll be going for 2m FM, but hoping to have 50W available from a mobile rig into a slim jim to make life a little easier.

So, if there’s anyone around who’d be willing to chase us both through the day, that would be massively appreciated - particularly for the relatively early activation of Pen-y-Ghent when I suspect the band may be quietest.

We should be beaconing on APRS as M0VFC-12 (via Iridium) and potentially M0VFC-7 (via RF), and will try and update alerts through the day as we get a better feel for our speed, but we’re aiming to set out from Horton-in-Ribblesdale around 0700 BST, so initial estimates might look like:

  • Pen-y-Ghent 0815 BST
  • Whernside 1315 BST
  • Ingleborough 1615 BST

We’ll be using M0VFC/P and M0WUT/P - if you do hear us and have time to work both of us, that’d be great.

Many thanks & 73,
Rob, M0VFC