YO8SEP will be active from DL this summer

This summer, between June and September, I will be in Tubingen. In weekends I will try to activate some DM/BW summit.
Probably most of my activations will be SSB, with some DATA if time allows. In YO most of the time I was using the 20m band with a vertical fishpole antenna. In DL the 40m probably will be better, need to see what I can get with my 6m fishpole.

So , if any of you has some advice or want to join me please let me know.


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Hi Petronel,
Sorry to say you’ll be in my Skip zone in DM/BW on 20 and 40m. Any channce of 60 or 80m?

73 Ed (Near Munich).

in YO we don’t have 60m and not sure if I can use it in DL with a HAREC license.
For 80m, it will be hard to get an working antenna with a 6m fishpole, even a 10m one will be hard, but I can give it a try. Any antennas that you used on 80m ?

73, Petronel

Hi Petronel

I use a doublet set up as an inverted V on a 6m pole with approx 17m legs for 60m and 80m, length chosen because it will tune nicely on both bands with my MFJ 904H ATU with just a small tweak of the “antenna” tuning cap :slight_smile: Seems to work quite well.

Does 40m and 20m too but requires more radical adjustments!

73 de Paul G4MD

I have no ATU on my KX3 but I can give it a try. 17-20m legs might be a bit too much on most summits. Not sure if enough space there.

73 de Petronel YO8SEP

Hi Petronel,
I have used my linked dipole with the 60 or 80m extensions with my 6m pole and used walking poles to lift the ends a little. It worked fine.

The question as regards use of 60m is also in another thread regarding use by a visitor in Ireland. As CEPT TR16/01 does not specifiy which bands a visitor can or cannot use, rather than the rules for a full licencee in the country being visited applies, as long as a band is a “normal” band and no NOV or special licence is required, it should (IMHO) be available to a visitor who doesn’t have the band in his home country. The key point is the rules of the country being visited apply.

That all being said, while travelling, even if working for several weeks in a foreign country, you’re probably best sticking with the equipment that you know works reliably on the bands that you know rather than taking extra antennas for extra bands. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of contacts into Northern Germany, the low countries, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, the UK, and back into “eastern” Europe.

73 Ed.

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I’ve just read the DL rules and because I’m staying more that 3 months (almost 4 months) I might apply for a DL callsing.

As about antennas, I’ve used most of the time a vertical for 20m, but I don’t miss much from YO because of the skip zone. From DL, skip on 20m will be most of Europe probably. :slight_smile: ~1000km radius.

73, Petronel