YO8SEP/P Activation Report: YO/EC-071 on 2015.05.02

This is my activation report for YO/EC-071 - Penteleu:

Because 1st May is Bank Holiday in Romania, me and XYL decided to go hike with some friends. Friday we hiked for about 10 hours, 20km but there was no SOTA on the route.
Saturday we started our hike at 9:30 local time (6:30 UTC) after 30minutes drive on a dirt road.
Our target was Penteleu Summit 1772, starting from ~700m asl. The trail started with a steep path through the forest, then following some dirt/forest road and cutting some corners.
About one hour after our start it started to rain (showers) even that was forecasted to be clear until 3pm…
On our route we found some salamander:

Then some fresh footprints of a bear

We stopped a few times to rest

The weather was quite cold <5C and close to 1400m asl we found some snow

and some snowdrop (hope is right word)

After ~4 hours we come to a crossing. From there it was “1 ora” = 1 hour to Penteleu, but with last 200m elevation on quite steep path.

The weather was getting worse, we couldn’t see the summit

Getting on the summit was a bit hard with visibility under 20 meters, raining and windy.

I’ve installed my Inverted V linked dipole antenna (using my 7m fishpole) as quick as possible because my fingers started to freeze. Then put my Elecraft/Logbook under my poncho and started to call CQ. There was S7-S8 interference probably from nearby antennas or the solar panels/inverters from Weather Station. Because of the WX and others I could only activate for 21 minutes but managed to log 32 QSO. Thanks Mike @G6TUH for spotting.

I packed my antenna and gear and started our descent. It was still raining and the trail was muddy.

After another 3.5 hours we were close to our car and made a few photos.
Because of the rain, fog/clouds, trail through the forest we didn’t had too many landscapes/scenery

In total over 20km hike with 1000+ m ascent/descent, 9 hours all for 21minutes of activation , 32 QSO and 8 points :smile:

I’m sorry for all the chasers that missed or I couldn’t hear them because of the QRM.


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Well done Petronel and thank you.
Too much mud! :wink:
Night night

I’ve made a mistake when typing the paper log to ADIF/CSV. Used the wrong date, but corrected now and re-uploaded to sota database.

I’ve also created a eQSL card for this activation and uploaded the log to eQSL.cc

I hope you like it :smile:


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