YO/EC-218 - Paganilor - 2014.11.28 by YO8SEP/P

Because of Romania’s National Day 01.12.2014, we had an extended weekend 28.11-01.12.2014 and we planned some hiking with other 35 people. In total about 600km drive and 50km hike.

Friday, 28.11.2014 we left our home city Iasi and drove to Ghimes Pass. From there it was about 2km hike with some 200-300m elevation. There was some snow on the ground and a freezing wind when we started our short hike

The summit wasn’t too far, but after only a few hundred meters I started to remove my jacket :smile:

After a little over half hour we got close to the summit.

There is a big cross on the summit

Because of the freezing wind I’ve decided to activate a few meters away from the summit

I’ve installed my 7m fishpole linked dipole antenna and asked if the frequency is occupied. @G6TUH was already there and helped me with spotting. TY again Mike.

In the next 45 minutes I’ve made 68 QSOs on 20m band.

After I couldn’t hear anyone else responding to my calls on 20m, decided to give a try to 40m band.
But I had some problems with antenna and the wind increased. Because it was getting dark soon me and XYL decided to pack and start our descent.

It was a nice activation, first time in snow/winter and first time using a linked dipole.

Thank you for QSOs to all the chasers.


PS: Activation Reports for the other summits will follow.

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Hello Petronel,
Thanks for your first report. The only clear slot I could see on the Flex display was 14.280 so I sat there :wink: which worked out as you arrived. Thanks very much for all the summits. I look forward to your next reports and hope to meet up with you next year.
Best wishes

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