Yh long weekend

A considerable amount of time since Ermintrude (nee Gwendolyn) arranged one of these so the time seems ripe.

Not sure of where to go but seriously looking at S Wales or Southern Scotland somewhere around mid to late Jul.

Will book as per normal, and the normal evening beveridges will be available and everything will depend upon availability of the YH.

Email with choice of general area to Ermintrude

In reply to G6DDQ:
Sounds good to me Ermintrude,
Im looking at going up Scotland around the 20th July, for the backpackers Contest so see what comes about,
Steve m0sgb

Jimmy and I should be staying in inns/YHs around the LD for four nights from 21 or 22 July. Looking at something like:

Kirkstone Inn - Patterdale YH - Borrowdale/Keswick/Grasmere/High Close YH x 2

If the weekend was to be 25-27 July, and the YH to be in the area of the latter four I listed, then I could try to rearange my expedition to run Wednesday 23rd to Sunday 27th so as to coincide with the (presumed) Friday to Sunday of the SOTA YH weekend.