Yet another new Shack Sloth

Today saw me reach the status of Shack Sloth so thanks to ON9CBQ/P and OK7OK/P for taking me up to 995 points and also for being my first HF SOTA contacts, also a big thankyou to Nick G4OOE/P for the six points which saw me past the 1000 marker.
I started the year with 133 points and have been quite busy chasing all the many UK 2 Metre portable stations so an equally big thankyou to all those as well.

73, Derek, 2E0MIX

PS, another first I plucked up the courage to try CW and had a short QSO with Phil G4OBK, so time to get some practice done.

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Many congratulations Derek.See You on more summits in the future.

Congratulations Derek, and well done on having a crack at CW. Your CW will come on leaps and bounds if you do some activations with it. And the beauty is that as activator, you can conduct them at whatever speed is comfortable for you. The chasers work you at your speed - or they don’t get worked!


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Congratulations Derek well done


Congratulations Derek on achieving the Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Congratulations Derek … nice one mate.


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Excellent! Well done.


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Hi Derek,

Congratulations on achieving shack sloth. Look forward to working you when you are next out.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

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Congratulations Derek - well done! It was good to
speak to you from a couple of summits back in July.

73, John 2E0VCO

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Congratulations Derek on attaining your Shack Sloth and well done with your CW. Hope to catch you from another summit soon.


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The chasers work you at your speed - or they don’t get worked!

What a good point. I am encouraged.

Simon, M0TTE

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Well done Derek on your Shack Sloth and many thanks for all your WOTA and SOTA activations.

Good luck with the cw!

Nick G4OOE

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Well done Derek. What’s this, defecting to HF? Carry on like that and you’ll be clocking up loads more points within a very short time. Hopefully catch you soon from the Fells - on VHF of course. :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Well done Derek. That’s a fantastic achievement.

Thank you for all of your contacts for SOTA and WOTA and for helping me when I started with my licence at the end of August.

It’s always a pleasure to work you on a summit or go out on the fells with you.
May there be many more.



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Hi Derek

Very many congratulations on reaching Shack Sloth status and for the many QSOs with either one, the other or both of us on a summit, somewhere.

I have been playing with the CW recently and have really enjoyed it.

My CW Fist is rubbish but the chasers are very, very patient indeed - just keep at it.

Onwards to the next thousand…!

Best regards


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Congratulations Derek!

My path to the lakes is a a little obstructed, but I am certain you are in my log as an activator of either SOTA’s or WOTA’s.

I wonder if the short QSO with Phil was on 160m? that would certainly be something special as a first CW QSO!

Well done in any case & CW does come in handy on VHF/UHF too, as I am sure Gerald G4OIG will agree :wink:

PS Sorry I missed you today Gerald, I didn’t have the yagi up so didn’t hear you at all, but I did mange to work Paul on 80m for the first time in ages. This, at a time when 10m was open to most of the world! Maybe HF conditions are improving after all :slight_smile:

Well done Derek & sorry for the slight deviation from topic.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Hi Derek,

Well done mate and fine on the CW