excuse me for being a tad over excited and bouncing off the walls

1001 points reached

Been damn good day so far

All on 10W G5RV and SSB mode only
In space of about 3 and half months on 210 contacts

Yep sota bug bitten alright



Well done, Karl - super sloth next (10,000 points) or you can aim at a 1000 points on uniques, there is no shortage of goals to aim for!


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Thanks for sharing Karl, nicely done with 10w and here’s to the next 1000!

Hope to work you on air sometime soon…


Congratulations & well done Karl :smile:

That is pretty rapid progression to shack sloth & all with 10W of SSB.

Well done!

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

clearly you are running too much power. Slacken it off a bit there!
73 de Andrew VK1DA

Out of interest Karl (without looking at the database here), what was your total from today ?

You had once of the best signals actually in terms of consistency from an M3/M6 on GW/NW/004.


Well done Karl

Hopefully catch you from Foel Cwmcerwyn on Monday. Back to QRP with the FT817 :smile:


Continuing the discussion from Yesssssss:


Am in a very good location here in saltash Cornwall possible one of the highest hams in area nigh on top of this hill in the town with the atlantic ocean not far behind me

so imagine wot am going to be like when that beam is up and running and get next stage in license and 50 watts instead of the ten one runs now. Plus am a believe of reducing loss between the TX and the antenna and also found this braided copper G5 seems work better than a plain singe wire

And reason getting here so fast ya wanna see my log book recently its 90% sotas inserts for one is a carer looking after the other half so lot time of radio

And thanks to M1APC whom took me Trio TS120V and gave it a good service and made sure she’s banging out 10w and worked out only losing about 1/2w across the bands.

Remember living in Birch Essex on a very high hill on CB thunder pole etc nothing between me and the north coast kent not a lot even higher than colchester itself one got out well and received well even got a visit from certain gents at time 1986 whom came out checked my gear and amazed one was only running straight ( Buzby)

Plus have noticed some rum old conditions on 40m in last couple weeks reaching sotas in Europe during day. That will be improved once the spiders done next is the hoz flat 40m beam two el one has in mind.

10W Sota Sloth

[quote=“2W0KGQ, post:6, topic:9803”]without looking at the database here[/quote]A quick look atthe database shows Karl scored 68 points yesterday. Congratulations on getting to Sloth in 3 months. (Took me a bit over 18 months, 283 contacts, and 250 unique summits to get there.)

73, Rick M0LEP

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Congratulations Karl,

You will have to try activating soon, I am sure you could manage to get the trio running with a resonant antenna on 40m.

I couldn’t access your points at that precise moment due to entering data into the system.


Congratulations Karl,

You will have to try activating soon, I am sure you could manage to get the trio running with a resonant antenna on 40m.

I couldn’t access your points at that precise moment due to entering data into the system.


Cheers fella
One has a portable system one can use on Kitt hill, last visit was way to windy for me currant system next year wanna pick up a sota pole not badly price be better for the more not so reachable sites in devon and cornwall

As already have a G5 half already made and it works well just need a better lighter support system when on foot away from the car as Kitt hill is so simple its unreal but will have the car well away from station can even take me fold up chair and table LOL

yeah just got another two stations today


68 points is good going, the best that I have done in recent years is 60 points, all phone of course, I would guess that the all-mode chasers routinely exceed that!

Shack Sloth took me a couple of years but that was ten years ago, nowadays I take my time searching out the uniques and trying to complete Associations summit lists.


Nice on Karl

Especially good with the TS-120V as it does not have the WARC bands. I have one here, nice little radio.

73 Richard G3CWI

Looking into having certain sections removed such as the JJY and 29.5 chips removed and put in 17m and 12m one day as old girl no FM board

so must have word with me very clever friend see if this can be done and wot price of course and of course if possible

Yeah she is a lovely little radio shame lack of the WARC and split button as for the power now worried as only allowed 10w anyways


Well done Karl.
Not sure if any of that 1001 are from my summits :smile:


Hi, Karl, I have a lovely old TS-520S which, like your TS-120V, does not cover the WARC bands. However, when it arrived I found that it had been modified at a major AR supplier (Lowes) to cover the 10 MHz band using one of the four crystal positions (and I believe the 120 also has these four crystal channels available.) Looking at the circuitry I think it may be fairly simple to use other crystal positions to cover the other WARC bands but have not gone into it more deeply. Another possibility would be to dispense with the 15 MHz WWV position as WWV will not always be audible over here, and use this for a mod to perhaps the 18 MHz band (which will be more useful than the 24 MHz band when the sunspots start to vanish!)

Details of the crystal switch mod should be on the web but if you have trouble finding it let me know and I will photostat what I have and send it to you.


Probably not worth messing about with such mods Karl. Better to look out for a 130V on eBay. That way, with a bit more wire outside, you’d be able to monitor two bands at once. My old 130V is still going strong… a mere youngster aged 31.

Well done on the SS. Hopefully work you one day when I’m up a hill. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG