Yay! RBNhole is working again

Just noticed that K1JD was picked up on 20 meters CW. Thanks to whomever reset things. Now if someone could please reset the sunspots… 73 de Scotty KG3W

Thank the RBN folks for fixing the RBN. RBNHole just sat there chugging away at silence until the RBN came back (although I was a little suspicious as to whether RBNHole would handle the prolonged outage)


The RBNHole has been doing a fine job for a long time. We just assume it’s there until it isn’t! I really missed the spots yesterday when the RBN was down. Fortunately some of our chasers here have been helping us out with spots.

There also has been some geomagnetic activity, weakening some signals and causing QSB, so not the easiest of times to be a chaser! I was surprised today at who I could not hear!