Yagi 6 elements VHF homebrew

Hi folks,

Lockdown was so bad for my mind, always running a proyects or planning a sota activations, you know what I talking about…

I made another yagi from the DK7ZB website. In this case is a 6 elements on a 2 meters boom.

Perhaps too large for a 3000m mountain but enough for a SSB contest or a camping activity, for example.

budget is around 40 euros.


Like the simple Feed Point construction.
vk5cz …

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It looks really professional. In this design I would even install it on the roof. :grinning:

I built this antenna with a divisible boom of plastic tube. It works great, but is a bit bulky for my SOTA activities.
I have used it a few times in contests or when I am on the mountain with my car… I think I will build a second one to stack it.

73 Armin