Yaesu Ft950, Rig Control and Sota Cluster

Hi to all in the group.

I am currently using Ham radio Deluxe to control my Yaesu Ft 950 and have the dxcluster just a click away.

Is there any other rig control PC based programs that could connect to the 950 and also the Sota cluster ?

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Have a read through this post

Thanks Phil, I think I’ll try logger32.


Just tried this with logger 32 works a treat when you get it setup.

Hello Martin

Logger 32 has done me proud for the last 15 years (I think) since I ditched Turbolog, which was great as a DOS program but went pear shaped when the guy who bought it from G3WGV turned it into a Windows program. See the attached screen presentation which I use. Perfect for SOTA, DXing, CW, RTTY and Data modes too. A user can configure LOgger32 any way they like, one snag it won’t yet brew your coffee but it will do just about everything else.

It’s worth putting the time in to learn to use this program which should cost ££££s but which K4CY Bob Furzer wrotes years back and maintains very well to this day. It doesn’t cost a penny but there are certain rules that Bob insists on by anyone who uses it - one being you are not permitted to call stations using the last two letters of your callsign, and several more!

73 Phil

Its worth trying for that alone!


I use the DXLabs Suite - works with my FT-950, FT-817 and used to work with my IC-910H too.

Stewart, does DXLabs suite wok with my cluster feed?

Thanks Phil

Been using logger 32 for quite a while but never really put it to much use except odd contesting and any DX worked.
in the dx spots window Sota activation shows in red.

Log4om can connect to the SOTA cluster and has the added advantage of full SOTA and SOTA mapping project support.

The FT950 is supported as are hundreds of other radios using Omnirig

Terry - Log4OM Development Team

Hi to all,

Thanks for all the replies.

Have set up logger32 and have sota cluster and rig control working, result.

I will also look at Log4om.

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Yes - It can have a number of separate feeds from different sources - I use 3 different Telnet Feeds including your SOTA one.

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