Yaesu FT1XD loose battery pack

Not sure whether this is just me but the original Yaesu battery pack for my FT1XD is now loose and I’m wondering if it is the cast radio housing or the battery clips. Anyone else had this issue? It now only takes the slightest pull to dislodge the battery.

Thanks, Mark.

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Hi Mark,

I haven an FT1XD so if you need pictures of the clips or so let me know. I have replaced the battery last year as I was flat after 500 activations… But that’s another story.


Check the clips at the top. I have (same)issue with my original battery back on my FT1xde. There’s a almost invisible crack on the plastic spring. But it hasn’t fallen off due to the design. Its pretty old tbf I got a 2nd battery bought the radio. But was still sad to seen this happen.

A little late to the party, and I have the same issue with my FT1XDR, but N7FLO came up with a solution that I might try to remedy this problem (although I don’t have as much paly as he does in the video). https://youtu.be/39B_8TFhTEQ?si=WTYh3VrfauWsXAbj

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