Been looking for XT60.s, but want the mounted ones.
Found the XT60E-M male version. :roll_eyes:
Hard to find the Female versions of the XT60E/F. :thinking:

Do they actually do them at all. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Planning to convert me PPPS Dizzy units from big clumsy bulky 5mm banana plugs to a more simpler XT60 system as then faction less weight and bulk AND most important of all once wired correctly can not reverse the polarity as just done me PPSUs to XT60s Female and males. So much better than me old system…

So if can not get or get another question can you but little rubber covers to pop over them whilst not in use reduce risk of water entering the XT60 chassis mount.

Ta again folks

2E0FEH Karl

Is this what you want Karl?

However, it says snap on cover do not fit this fitting.

Doesn’t this one work?

73 Allan

Hi Karl
These work well, good tight fit on the connectors.

Good idea expensive as want about ten of them and take up to much room.

Thanks for the thought.


Perfect means can cover the outlets when not in use keep out the damp.

Thanks to you both for the ideas


Hi Karl,
I have used theXT40s for years, been fully reliable. After soldering I insulate the joints with heat shrink. Unless you are running real qro the xt40 will “suit you sir”, it will easily carry 20amp. Lighter and cheaper.