Xmas Quiz 2016 - answers thread

Only one answer per post please. If you have more then one solution, please make a separate post for each.

1024 B in a K = 1024 Bytes in a Kilobyte :white_check_mark:


G=Googol :white_check_mark:

365 Days in a Year :white_check_mark:

366 Days in a Leap Year :white_check_mark:

299790000 (m/s): Speed of Light in Free Space :white_check_mark:

93000000 Miles from the Sun :white_check_mark:

1000 Years in a Millennium :white_check_mark:

1 Horn on a Unicorn :white_check_mark:

1066 Battle of Hastings :white_check_mark:

1 Wheel on a Unicycle :white_check_mark:

01 811 8055 Swap Shop (blimey that brought back memories!) :white_check_mark:

1984 by George Orwell :white_check_mark:

1969 First Man on the Moon :white_check_mark:

42 the Answer to Life, the Universe & Everything (Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy) :white_check_mark:

7 Brides for 7 Brothers :white_check_mark:

2001 a Space Odyssey :white_check_mark:

10 Years in a Decade :white_check_mark:

1999 (Tonight I’m Gonna Party Like it’s…) :white_check_mark:

12 Days of Christmas :white_check_mark: