Xiegu XPA20 anyone?

I have a Xiegu XPA20 amplifier to “look at” from a surplus sale, but no info. (20W out for 5W in, I found a reference to it and a basic spec on the Russian Yaesu website :o)

It powers up, and I can scroll through the LPF settings - I haven’t tried putting any RF into it yet, as I’d like to understand a bit more about it first.
It seems to be quite a rare beast, and several years old - so, has anyone got one? Especially, a copy of the manual would be nice!


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Hi Adrian - here you go:

XIEGU XPA20 6 Band 20 Watt Power Amplifier 1 User`s manual | Manualzz

An interesting two lines in the manual:
System running in SSB Mode: peaks of around 45 W into a 50 ohm dummy load across all bands.
System running in CW Mode: 20 W

That suggests to me that the amplifier gives 20W RMS output or 45W PEP.

73 Ed.


Thanks Ed - that’s great!

I noticed in the brief spec that I found, it draws up to 7.5 Amps - which sounds quite high (90W at 12V) for a 20W amplifier…

The heat sink is quite small, perhaps that’s why they limit the power on CW, and maybe don’t use a speech processor on SSB :o)

Anyway, I’ll have a play with it.


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