Wyoming Double Activation Jelm and Ring Mts!

Incredibly beautiful late summer weather yesterday in southern Wyoming. I thought why head into the Colorado Mountain traffic jam this holiday weekend?
In Wyoming I had a great time with 2 mountains to myself, Jelm and Ring both (6 pointers) it was relatively easy to obtain 4 contacts (VHF) on each despite the remote nature of that area.

Looking south into Colorado fires. Scary looking at night driving back!


First and second pictures are from Jelm Mountain (houses an infrared observatory on top) Third picture shows Jelm Mountain in the background from Ring Mountain summit. Due to SOTA I am visiting places I would never think to!


Your snaps bring back memories of activating those peaks ages ago with Guy N7UN.

Thought WY a first class destination that is high on my list to revisit.


View of Cameron Peak fire from west of it (W0C/PR-153.)

I may have heard you if you were on 146.52, but I only had rubber duck for antenna. I enjoy activating Ring Mtn, only wish my smartphone worked there.
Peter KD0YOB

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I had pretty good reception on both summits. Really cool place I hope to be back in the winter!

Any tips for a new SOTA member? Radio set up, antennas, etc? I’m in Idaho, Custer County, only 356 registered summits!!!

Info on Equipment and than I really need to figure out how this whole thing works. Like a step by step kinda guide for the newbe. Step one, log on and post where, when, what freq, Etc. Ive haven’t spent much time looking around the site yet. Thanks.

There is a lot of information on the website, for a start try Summits on the Air

Hello Ken,
Registering on http://www.pnwsota.org/ will provide some PNW regional information on summits and perhaps an introduction to someone doing SOTA in your area of Idaho.
73, Etienne-K7ATN

Welcome Ken,
Look for SOTA ACTIVATION on youtube. Many different peaks, viewpoints, types of activations.
Will give you a good sense of the variety. And, of course, the SOTA website, “getting started”
Will be listening for you on the air, if you use HF.

All best, Ken

Here is an intro video by Chris N1CLC


Trying my first activation today!
W7/CU-280 on 146.520 fm.
See you on the radio!

Thanks for all the tips!! Was all very helpful!

Ken Mason