Lately I have been experiencing activator logs off by as much as an hour.when I am confirming my chases for the day. It should be a standard procedure to verify that an activatores “field clock” be checked to see if it is synced with WWV or some other time standard. I have been checking my clocks daily to see if it was a laptop problem and I have not found any more than a minute deviation from WWV. Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

Are you sure this is not a daylight saving time issue? Logs should use GMT/UTC but it’s not unheard of for folks (including me) to make mistakes. A clock that’s up to an hour out is not really entitled to be called a clock.

Even if my rig has a clock it may not be easily visible, so when activating I’m quite possibly relying on a watch, and with this “summer time” business I have caught myself being an hour fast now and again, and it being a watch, it’ll be accurate within five minutes or so. I may have a mobile phone with me, in which case the minutes will be within one or two, but the hour may still be out…

My guess is that “summer time” is the culprit if the time’s close to an hour out.

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I use an MSF-sync’d watch set to permanent UTC mode for summit time-keeping. Been foolproof thus far :slight_smile:

Handy :slight_smile:

Presumably so long as you’re not too far from Anthorn…

I bought a watch that is accurate.

Didn’t have the watch when I was in Shetland, but certainly worked OK in Orkney. Furthest away in a southerly direction I’ve used it was when I was working in Stowmarket and it was fine there…

So did I :wink:

Accurate without external assistance! I think 1000km is the oft-quoted range of MSF, DCF devices.

My everyday/SOTA back-up timepiece is a Seiko electro-mechanical self winder. I keep it set to local time for obvious reasons so it gets reset twice a year but I’ve not known it to be more than a few seconds out. The analogue dial is much more awkward for logging accurately though :-s

I have a bit of a fetish for clocks that are accurate to a lesser interval than is perceptible by eye. Not only are all my computers synchronised by D4 I have no less than 6 MSF/DCF disciplined clocks about the house and take great pleasure in seeing the seconds tick by in perfect synchronicity… I’m beginning to think lockdown is getting to me…

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I don’t check what chaser logs say. They usually disagree with my (usually) 4G locked phone and tablet combination. It doesn’t matter. There is no requirement for them to align precisely.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Only an hour? Having been off work since early April, I’m not even sure what day it is. :grin:


Sunday. Well, I think this particular Sunday is probably a Saturday, but it does seem a bit like we’ve had more than a month of Sundays recently… :wink:

and the answer is… YES, I can cope with retirement (at least while my beloved is still working :wink:). Now, if only I can get my pension to full pay level and bring it forward 5 years.

I reset the clock on my KX2 every activation with the SOTA Spotter app time on my phone. Close enough for me.
Tim - K5DEZ

My answer was an inexpensive watch that displays time in 24 hour format. Set it to UCT and check accuracy every few months. Just the same as keeping a station clock that is always set to UCT.