WSPR vs.

I was about to purchase a WSPR set, but just at last moment decided not to, assuming that:

  • to check performance of my antenna, I can always try a CQ and see beacons readings of the signal I transmitted
  • WSPR covers only 20m up, and requires some extra modules for more bands, still not offering 30m or 40m or lower
  • another gadget at home… (that is a subjective one, but my wife much supported my approach here… :wink: )
  • some extra money to spend, while no cost to use

So some advantages I see a WSPR piece would have over the

  • you do not need to know CW to use WSPR (although you potentially can bypass it by a generic CQ from your rig, if it allows to)
  • you do not have to get into a QSO if someone responds your CQ
  • you can monitor propagation instantly without sending CQ

Am I missing any important point which could lead me into acquiring a WSPR hardware and software?

You get MANY more spots with WSPR, which means more data on antenna performance. I activated last weekend and had several contacts on 20M without a single spot.

If you have a ssb xcvr and android smartphone, you can simply buy the WSPR Beacon android app for $2.49 and you’re in business

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The WSPR network exists on all bands from 160m through 70cm - at least there are stations shown across all the bands on the WSPRNet map.

Are you perhaps only looking at the WSPRLite unit? WSJT-x on a PC connected to a transciever can form a WSPR Rx and Tx unit.


Thanks Ed. Yes, I meant WSPR-lite, it is all new to me, yet… :slight_smile:

Or a U3S Ultimate3S kit info which can band hop but is larger than the WSRPlite.

Am I missing any important point which could lead me into acquiring a WSPR hardware and software?

The no QSO part of WSPR can be a burden for some “strict” countries. The SW does not issue “QRL” or listen for any activity on the frequency it will just transmit the WSPR message.

I WSPR at my home QTH. For a given power level I can be spotted in VK, ZL, or W land if the propagation is good. I use 0.5 to 1W at the moment. I’ve tried RBN (honestly just once and sent the code via fldigi), no spots even with my paltry 5W max. I know there are local skimmers in JA and they didn’t even hear me.

One issue for WSPR is if you don’t follow the suggested frequencies in use you will NOT get spotted! RBN is more lenient in this regard.


I like the SOTABeams WSPRLite as it is small, ready made and incredibly easy to setup and use.

I have left one of my units running for the last 20 days at 200mW and so far 15,000 reports of my faint signal emanating from a rather impaired vertical in back yard (garden) have been logged.

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Is there a listing anywhere of currently active multi-band WSPR beacons (especially in Europe and eastern USA)? I’d like to use them as a propagation indicator.

I now regret selling my multiband vertical - I could have set up my own multi-band WSPR beacon on 40-10M.


browse around WSPRNET … Activity | WSPRnet

note that the map is a limited resource … if you don’t see it try again after a reset at 0000Z.