WSPR Beacon Android app with KX3 question

If anybody out there has been using the WSPR Beacon Android app feeding a KX3 (smartphone headphone out wired to KX3 mic in): are you using the KX3 in USB mode or in DATA A mode? I’ve seen conflicting advice.

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Barry N1EU

Interesting. I never thought about this until now.


Use it in USB mode, it will work fine. Make sure you turn the Bias [off] from the mic in

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Going by memory, I’ve used DATA A with an iOS WSPR app. I think the reason is that it sets the compression to zero and turns off any equalization settings you’ve adjusted. USB will work, just manually change the compression and equalization settings.

I tried using the android WSPR Beacon app, but had difficulty getting the software on my ancient phone to sync its clock.

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I installed the ClockSync android app that was recommended and it seemed to work fine. But my phone is only “old”, not “ancient” :slight_smile: