WSPR analysis of report data

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, I thought I’d ask here for any tips on using downloaded CSV data from to compare received WSPR reports after transmitting with different antennas. Other than importing the data into a spreadsheet and manually sorting through and lining up matching reports from the same stations, are there any resources to do this more efficiently?

One other question: is the WSPR tx offset frequency at all critical? Are you supposed to look at current WSPR spots and try to choose an empty frequency slot or just choose any offset?

Thanks & 73,
Barry N1EU

Hi Barry

Take a look at wsprrocks - it has many more features than the basic site and also lists on the home page a variety of different useful data extract resources.

Offset frequency : it’s a matter of luck because if there is another station nearby to you on the same frequency, you probably won’t hear it but the DX will hear both …



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