WSJT-x won't upload 😞

My first Activation last weekend with SSB & DATA…

SSB uploaded fine, data file won’t load said errors I have summit numbers in the comments section of file.





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Did you check the mode? SOTA will accept only “DATA” or “OTHER”, not “FT-8” nor “JT-65” etc.


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You should put all of the QSOs for this activation into one .csv file, in order by time. What summit numbers are you putting in the comments?

Logging digital contacts is no different than SSB, you just use ‘data’ for the mode instead of ‘ssb’.

Are you uploading the WSJT-X adif directly? I’ve never tried this but run the file through the program ADIFmaster which allows you to add the missing columns needed. From memory your summit reference is in a column called MY_SIG_INFO.

Ahhh, you are probably right that he is trying to upload an ADIF that was created by wsjtx.

Super easy way to fix your ADIF:

This will get you nice clean CSV that you can copy / paste into a text file and upload to sotadata.

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The following errors were found in your file:

  • Record 1 is missing fields
  • Record 1 is missing SOTA references

using ADIF master



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Copy/paste your ADIF into this:

Put in your SOTA REF in the “MY SOTA summit reference” box, click submit.

Copy the CSV that is generated into a text file ‘something.csv’. Save it and upload the file to SOTA Data.

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Hi Gus,

As others have stated, you need to get the data fields right first. But even after that, the upload won’t work if you have effectively two or more files for one activation. You need to merge the files in date/time order, then upload just one file. If you’ve already loaded the ssb or cw contacts, use the Upload manager to delete that file, then load the composite file.

The rationale here is (probably) that loading a second file for the same summit on the same date is probably an error. It’s trying to protect you from mistakenly loading the next activation with incorrect data.

The concept of the activator database is that it is a collection of activations, rather than a log of contacts. Hence one activation is loaded at a time. And each activation is date-stamped with the UTC date of the first contact. All other contacts in the activation inherit that date stamp, even if the UTC date changes during the activation.

This is an unauthorised interpretation but I think you’ll find that is a rational model for how the activator database operates.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA


Hi Andrew,

A case of assuming compatibility where none existed. It is actually well explained on the SOTA page relating to data uploading. Data input MUST be in the correct format. Comments content is ignored.

It is great to see all the help so quickly offered.

I had to try, fail, read the instructions again, try again, almost succeed, re-reread the instructions and fix and BINGO. And that was on SSB.

I use Excel files which can be saved as comma delimited text files but they still need to be put into a simple text editor to remove surplus commas and stuff Bill Gates thought we really meant to keep that isn’t helpful.

I’ll look at the suggestions here for my next FTxx activation.

Proponent of reading instructions.

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All the comments here are fine, but to give some context:

  • ADIF upload requires the SOTA_REF (chasing) or MY_SOTA_REF (activating) fields to be included in order for summit details to be recorded.
  • We ignore summit details in comments because it would be difficult to work out if you meant your summit or the remote summit on an S2S or chase.
  • WSJT-X logs everything, including non-SOTA QSOs, into that ADIF, which will cause it to not work for the non-SOTA QSOs. Better to preprocess it somehow to remove non-SOTA logs.
  • WSJT-X’s log does not include any of the extended features in ADIF v3 which support SOTA/IOTA/etc, like SOTA_REF/MY_SOTA_REF, as it’s aimed as a log of data QSOs, not a summit log.
  • Tools like WU7H mentioned above will help with combining the logs.