WS@Jaycee electronics Open Day 13th October 2007

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: WS@Jaycee electronics open day 13th October 2007

Hi all just wondering if anyone is thinking of going to this event as there will be reps from all major radio companys also bhi and tennamast

also a free raffle and freebies from icom and others

its a real get together and a good day out
More details can be found at:

Also there are nine summits in fife that you could activate also when your in the area hi hi

It would be great if there was a sota stand but i dont know if this will be possible but maybe some of the regular chaps from scotland will show up and we could have a chat and meet the faces behind the calls

many thanks and hope to see some of you there

Gordon MM3XGP (Glenrothes)

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Hi Gordon

I am hoping to be there but not sure what time or for how long. XYL said she would buy me a new rig for the car as its my birthday the next week!!!


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Possibly the most expensive emporium I have ever visited!


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Just thought it would be a good venue to meet other sota chaps from around the area and have a natter and put a face to the call

hope to see you if you decide to come along

also there is some summits over here that could be done also for the taken

PS: No, I don’t work for them

just handy for things also they stock the special pl259 plug for rg174 coax and free coffee hi hi
many thanks Gordon MM3XGP