Wrong summit reference! I apologize.

I noticed the RBN spotted me yesterday on my second alerted summit while I was still activating my first summit. Any QSO’s with me before 1800z were from W4C/WM-013, Bunches Bald, NOT from W4C/WM-055, Barnett Knob. (Those QSO’s began at about 1850z.)

I was late arriving at my first summit and the session went long, so it went over into the alert window time for the second summit and mis-spotting happened. I apologize.

In such a case where the two summits are in close proximity, maybe the best solution is to alert the first summit earlier than anticipated and alert the second summit later than anticipated but with a “S-2” comment. Of course, with cell service I could delete the first alert after I finish activating, and then enter an alert for the second summit. But cell service is unreliable in the mountains around here.

I would appreciate your comments and corrections.

Andy. N4LAG

The best solution is to use a wildcard alert. RBN spots you as W4C/WM-0?? and your chasers ask you for the reference. Simple and straightforward.

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Ah, OK. And then I’d hope a chaser would spot me. But I’d have to be helped with a spot each time I change bands I guess.

Thanks for your comment.

Andy, N4LAG

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Well if the spot says W4C/WM-0?? then every chaser is going to ask for your ref until one of them then spots your complete ref. Otherwise they can’t log it for points. And points make prizes!

Unless the chasers are particular slow in thinking, they’ll figure out if the new wildcard spot for a new band is the same summit or not. :wink:

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