Wrong summit reference - GM/CS-020 29/06/2023 0940z till 1000z

Hello - due to multi-summit fever, I got a bit ahead of myself yesterday and gave out a wrong reference.

From 09.40z to 09.57z +/- a few minutes, I was on GM/CS-014 not the GM/CS-020 I was handing out and spotting myself as on.

Apologies therefore to :-
OT6V Rene
2E0AGB Allen
G4VPX/P Allan
G8ADD Brian
G0FVH David
M0RWX Robert
2E0FEH Karl
2E0ESY Mike
Please alter logs accordingly.

I WAS on GM/CS-020 from 1220z till 1240z

More details on the trip and a picture or 2 to follow under title “4 out of 5 ain’t bad…”

Meanwhile, big thanks to all who managed to work me with “challenging” band conditions…




Thanks for the info and the contact.
Log corrected.

73, Robert

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Thanks, Alan - actually happy with the change, I needed that one!


It must be the water around there. Last winter I was merrily calling CQ SOTA GM/ES-030 when I realised I was on GM/CS-030. Hills to the right side of the Glenshee pass are GM/ES and hills on the left side are GM/CS. Too much for my simple brain to deal with, especially when GM/ES is branded into it. :smiley:

Anyway, I look forward to hearing about your “Four out of Five around Glen Ey”.


ES/CS yes even more fun when you are ES in the morning, CS in the afternoon like I was last week… That leads nicely in to the 4 out of 5 caper that will be written up at a proper keyboard…


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Hi Alan. Thank you for letting us know. My activation has not been uploaded yet so easy fix😁Thanks for the s2s.

73 Allan

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