Wrong Summit Ref - MW6BWA (Sat 8th Feb 2020)

Just in-case anyone working MW6BWA/P around 1145-1215 Viki was mistakingly giving out the wrong Summit Reference for ‘Cefn yr Ystrad’ as GW/SW-013 the correct reference is GW/SW-008.

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Apologies to everyone as I couldn’t locate my vital piece of paper in the high wind and hadn’t realised that the SW-013 was the reference of the second hill of the day (which I should have omitted altogether judging by the difficulties in getting contacts - and in getting down the hill into the teeth of the wind!) My thanks to Stewart and Matt (2E0MDJ) for noticing my error and making sure it was corrected - and also for giving me contacts on both 2m and 70cm from the second hill which amounted to almost 50% of my log!

They have been my most loyal chasers during the years and top my chasers log with 174 (Stewart) and 163 (Matt) and have thus enabled me, on many occasions, to get back to the car considerably earlier than I would otherwise have managed. Please keep up the good work!

73 Viki M6BWA