Wrong summit ref MM0XXP

I activated Meall Corranaich GM/CS-010 today but gave it the ref of GM/CS-005
So if you work me today please amend the ref before you submit your log.

This was not the best conditions to activate Meall Corranaich,very wet, high wind, zero viz and covered in snow.


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That’ll have been my fault, shouting “MM3WJZ/P on CS-005” into your ear yesterday :slight_smile:

“This was not the best conditions to activate Meall Corranaich”

That would be an understatement, there’s not much shelter up there either.

I wonder which way you ended up going up?

Iain, MM3WJZ

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It was that wet and cold on the summit my log sheet and summit details were damp as soon as I opened my bag so I didn’t look at my notes, I was wearing gortex mits with gloves inside, when I took 0ne off to set the radio up it nearly ended up blowing off the north ridge, I’d worked Robert GM7GUF/P on Tinto with the handie as I came onto the summit and I gave Robert the ref CS-005 I think it had stuck in my mind from yesterday.

My route up was, main Lawer car park, up to where the path splits for Beinn Ghlas, along the lower path up to the large boulder or cairn on map, then a slog up the steep slope to Meall Corranaich.

found it a bit hard going, fell down a few holes in the snow on the way up and alot more on the way down, I think the foot prints I was following were owned by climbers alot lighter than me!


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You’re not the 1st to give the wrong referrence. Why someone did it just the other week. Oh, that was me! The ascent from the Ben Lawers path is the man’s way… I’m impressed! I did via the big girls blouse way, from the top of Lochan na Larige, in, along and up. The only problem with that way is the humungous boggy bit at the col. Bog snorkeling gear is de rigeur!

Conditions sound as horrible as I had on Ben Chonzie, strong wind, thick mist and deep, soft snow. Terribly tiring, plodding and sliding though it. At several times the mist was a thick as I’ve ever seen and it was impossible to see the join between the snow and the sky! Nasty. I didn’t stick around and only did 1 band.


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sounds great :slight_smile:

73 Bernhard DL4CW

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Pretty much the same conditions for me on gm/cs-043 really deep soft snow and 0viz. Only came away with 2 contacts


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What time were you active on your summit Adrian, I was only 37km south and near line of sight with you.
I monitored 145.500 fm


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Hi alan i was on from 1230 to 1330, but was really struggling. I did give a few calls on .500 but was mainly on .575 beaming up to inverness.