Wrong summit ref for M0JSB/P from 1618 on 16/03/24

Dear chasers,

Many thanks for all of the cw qsos today from a muddy G/WB.

If you worked me between 1618-1630z on 16/03/24 then I was on G/WB-012, not 015 as spotted by the RBN.

I hadn’t alerted for this last summit, and although I did spot myself with the correct reference, the RBN spotted me with my previous summit reference.

Apologies for the confusion, and once again thanks for the contacts!

73, Matthew M0JSB


Or place a wildcard alert so you get spotted in such a way you don’t have to tell people you where actually on a different summit. I keep writing this in the hope it could be the last time I need to do so.


I know! I just wanted to give you the opportunity to remind us all again!


That’s fine for those that are not planning specific target summits. Matthew just added one on, so what happened, just happened. In an ideal world he’d have stopped before activating WB-012 and added another alert, but when you’re on a run, then you’re on a run. That’s life…


The problem of RBNhole spots being for the wrong summit will keep happening as long as activators don’t work with RBNhole.

If you intend or there’s a chance you’ll do multiple activations then place a wildcard alert and the problem wont arise. Or turn off RBNhole for your account and the problem wont arise.

You cannot have your cake and eat it.


I wasn’t suggesting we should. Working with RBNhole is what most CW ops try to do, after all it is a very useful service, but when things change in the field it can be difficult to remember to bring your intentions inline with what RBNhole needs to get your spots right. Sometimes the activator may not be able to submit an additional or updated alert due to a lack of phone signal.

I can imagine Matthew thinking he could just squeeze another summit in. RBNhole would probably be the last thing on his mind. He did spot himself with the correct reference and that to me shows that he was on WB-012 and not WB-015. A personal spot generated directly by the activator is first hand information and this naturally overrides any information generated by RBNhole. I’d be more cautious about spots generated by chasers… for obvious reasons.

At the end of the day this is a small issue which is part of a very enjoyable activity. I somehow doubt it will ever be the last time that this situation arises… :smiley:


That is very true.

That’s a useful tip. Thank you for pointing it out.

Yes, this was exactly what happened! As you say, it’s a small issue that crops up from time to time, and I only really made this post to clarify my summit reference to those who chased me yesterday afternoon.


RBNhole’s predecessor did update summit references based on self-spots, but that complication, which had its own set of associated issues, didn’t get put into RBNhole.