Wrong summit by RBN

Hi folks, please note that my activation of Oct 18, 0954 UTC and later was on summit DM/RP-298! Not on RP-305 as indicated by

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This only happens when you specify alerts for summits and the RBNhole spotting windows overlap.

PLEASE use a wildcard alert and then RBNhole will spot correctly.

Do not alert like this:

10:00 DL/PA0HRM/P DM/RP-298 7.032‑cw,​ 14.063‑cw Activity not yet sure
12:00 DL/PA0HRM/P DM/RP-302 7.032‑cw,​ 14.063‑cw

But alert like this:

10:00 DL/PA0HRM/P DM/RP-??? 7.032‑cw,​ 14.063‑cw S+6

RBNhole will spot you as DM/RM-??? and chasers will ask for the summit ref which you can give and will be correct as you change summits.

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SRI it is not possible to log this summit.

Warning: This summit is no longer valid for SOTA!
Aktivierungen und Jäger-QSO zu diesem Gipfel generieren keine Punkte.
73 hb9cga


Grüzi lbr Ulrich, du hasst recht, der Gipfel ist schon seit 1-3-2016 kein SOTA mehr… Siehe mein Bericht auf dem Reflector. Ich habe den Gipfel als GMA eingetragen. Wir sehen uns wieder von einem anderen Gipfel! Ciao, Hans

Thanks for the information, see my Reflector message on this subject, wrong all the way! But it happens when you are underway and eager to activate a summit. See you from a next summit, 73, Hans PA0HRM

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