Wrong Spot summit reference today F/PE-246 NOT F/AM-246

I have just arrived home from activating F/PE-246 and have seen that I was spotted on F/AM-246!
My summit was a 1 pointer.
I had alerted the activation with the correct summit reference.
I sent the summit reference to the first two chasers. After a couple more contacts I had a pile up so assumed I had been spotted probably by the RBN. I was wrong, a chaser had spotted me but there was a mistake in the summit reference regional locator.
So all chasers who worked F/MM0DHY/P today on F/PE-246 please check you have the correct reference.

Thanks to all chasersfor the contacts. I hope to be out later this week for a few more activations.


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Well done, only the second activation of the peak.


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