Wrong spot on FL/VO-041

Now it is my turn to apologize for an incorrect spot… I should have spotted Jürg F/HB9BIN/P on FL/VO-041 7.031 cw today, but got bitten by browser autocompletion and accidentally spotted my own call. Didn’t notice as I was in a hurry, but corrected it when I overheard someone say “GA MANUEL” a bit later on the frequency.

For the record: I was not on FL/VO-041 today, it was Jürg.

I’m sorry about that!


Manuel HB9DQM

I noticed that when I clicked on F/HB9BIN/P Juerg’s spot for FL/VO-041 it said that it has a 1 point value but when I brought up the page for this summit it shows a value of 8 points. I am assuming and hoping of course that the latter is correct!

Nick G4OOE

That’s a different issue and has to do with this: Split of the French "F" SOTA Association

=> 8 points is correct now, don’t worry :slight_smile: SOTAwatch just has some trouble with the new FL association.

Hi Manuel
Thanks for that. I now understand what is going on in France - hi hi!