wrong SOTA Ref HB/SZ-035 and not SZ-038

Today I was on Dosse HB/SZ-035 and not on HB/SZ-038. Sorry for that mistake.
It was vy windy (Föhn) an my xyl had to hold the mast.
73, Guido


Thank you for the correction Guido - log amended. There was a two point bonus there - SZ-038 = 2 Points and SZ-035 = 4 Points.

You must have a fantastic XYL!

73 de Phil

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Hi Phil, my partner would also provide that service – went well last year on Hählekopf, OE/VB-342.

I suppose that Judy would do this favour, too, if needed, hi . . . ?

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Certainly would Markus, XYL Judy has done this several times!

73 Phil