Wrong refrence

Dear Hams,

When activating Alpstein today I gave out the reference number OE/OO-245. This is wrong. The correct reference number is OE/OO-254. In the heat of the moment (and of the day) I changed the last two gigits. I apologize.

OO-245 and 00-254 are both 6-pointers, so the score will be correct irrespective of the reference number. If you want to earn an asterisk in the “points” column of your chaser log please use the correct reference.

73 de OE5DIN / Andy

In reply to OE5DIN:
Hi Andy - you have posted your message to the German Language reflector therefore people who take only English language messages will not see it.
73 Steve.

In reply to OE5DIN:

Servus Andy,

vielen Dank für das QSO!
Die SOTA-Referenz habe ich geändert.Tnx Info.

Vy73 AWDH de Fritz