Wrong referrence MS0TA/P 15-Sept-2019

I have just entered my logs for today and doing a “Show who chased me” showed many people have my summit as GM/SS-065. I did some digging and found that I sent a bad spot. Entirely my fault but I plead mitigating circumstances… I am old and stupid. Actually I left my SOTA glasses (an old expendable pair) in the car and only when I tried did I realise that without glasses I am completely technology blind… I can’t see a thing on the displays any more. Those spots today were sent on an old phone with a real keyboard where I could feel the keys and count the presses to get the characters. Considering I couldn’t see what I was typing I think that I did OK.

My correct summit reference was GM/CS-065 so please correct your logs if you have me on the other summit.

Hi Andy,
I wasn’t 100% sure that you were the operator of MS0TA/P today when we had our S2S QSO but I was kind of guessing so. Now I know it for certain. It’s good that I copied your SOTA reference directly from you sent on air during our QSO and I didn’t look at SOTAwatch.
Thanks for the S2S.


Also got my callsign mixed up hi but thanks for the activation pete G6nhw

It’s right in the paper log… wrong in the DB, I will fix that later.

Sorted now.

I share your pain Andy. Age (and alcohol) can be cruel. Time cures one and adds to the other.

One of the advantages of being a navigation dinosaur, loathe to dispense with map and compass, is that the magnifier on a Silva compass can sometimes compensate for visual problems when reading a map (or phone). Come to think of it, there is a magnifier on my Swiss army knife! I found this useful some time ago after a falling icicle demolished my glasses when I was ice climbing.

Well I do always have a compass with me and I’d forgotten it had a magnifier. So I had a look to check. It’s in the bag in a promotional branded glasses case that contains a few first-aid items such as Compeed blister plasters, sticking plaster, spare diabetic tablets, some paracetamol, my Silva compass… and a cheap pair of reading glasses. D’oh!

OK, the cheap glasses can stay in the car for emergencies and I’ll add a string to the other glasses case and attach it to the bag so they can’t be forgotten. I tried the cheap reading glasses and they do magnify but I can’t see anything else. The proper glasses are an old pair of varifocals, a bit lacking in magnification now if I had to read a lot of small print, but more than enough to get by. And drive in.

Just as well I looked… the diabetic pills had a use by date of 2012 on them! Have yourself a :beer: Brian.