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Wrong reference spotted while activating DM/BW-094

On 2017-04-20 at 12:09 utc and 12:21 utc, while activating “Kornberg”, DM/BW-094, the wrong reference has been spotted on SOTAwatch.
This was most likely due to my early appearence on the summit. Conditions were much better than expected. Hence I arrived 1 h 21min in advance of my estimation.

If you worked me BEFORE 11:00 utc it was on DM/BW-664
If you worked me AFTER 12:00 utc it was on DM/BW-094

Sorry for the trouble and thanks to SM0CUH who informed me!

73, Roman - DL3TU

Thanks for S2S from GW/MW-029 to DM/BW-664 this morning Roman. Mobile phone coverage has been terrible for me on the Welsh Coast.

I got your summit reference correct because I had no choice but to receive it direct via CW!

Just happy that the bar on the holiday park has free WiFi so I can have a catch-up in the evenings!

73, Colin M(W)1BUU

… thanks for S2S Colin!
I try to pass the reference on from time to time, particularly during S2S- QSOs. It is never completely safe to rely on the cluster system. A pair of good ears can do much better :wink:

Sorry for not recognizing your call today - I was confused by the “W”.

Have a good time in GW- Land and cu from the next one!

73, Roman - DL3TU