Wrong Reference on Saturday, May 26, 2018

Just for clarification: I was on two different summits on May 26. RBN has spotted me with a wrong reference during the second activation. I wanted to sent a spot via SMS before starting the second one, but because of a typo this spot never got published. There was no coverage of mobile phone data at these summits. So I was blind for what was going on on SOTAwatch.

I operated from Breitspitz, OE/SB-214 from 0830Z to 0845Z and from
Hochgründeck, OE/SB-420 from 0955Z to 1012Z

Sorry for the confusion.

Heinz, OE5EEP/P

Thanks for the information, Heinz.
My chaser log corrected now.


Hi Heinz, your own spot was OK on sotawatch:
Sat 10:05 OE5EEP/P on OE/SB-420 7.032 cw
*Spot[OE5EEP]: (Posted by SMS)
Thanks you very much for QSOs yesterday!