Wrong Reference F/AM-224 (Right is F/AM-225)

Hello all,
I just come down my favorites mountains and i can see
that i have been spoted with a wrong reference.
Today i was at Cimes des Naucettes at 2720m (quite hard to climb)
and the right ref is F/AM-225.
There was a very strong wind on top.
Heard for a while an A71W station 599+ on 28.001Mhz
while aving my dinner…
73’s from French Riviera

In reply to F6HBI:

Salut Gérald

SRI pour l’erreur mais c’était juste au moment ou ton manip te donnait “du fil à retordre” ( je n’ai plus mes oreilles de 20 ans…)
A bientôt sur le 224 …HI
Encore bravo et merci
Meilleures 73
Daniel / F5SQA