Wrong ref YU/IS-059 on July 2nd 2017

YU1CA/P, YU1RK/P and YU1JF/P activated a summit in a YU/IS region two days ago, on Sunday July 2nd 2017. They were giving a reference YU/IS-059, but later turned out that this was incorrect. The correct reference for their activation is: YU/IS-058.

What happened: They wanted to activate Bukovik YU/IS-059 (894m asl), but did not have any topo maps. The local guide took them to the highest summit in the area, as they requested.
When they returned, I got a message to check the name of YU/IS-059 since local people insist the correct name is Veliki vrh. After some checking it turned out that they indeed visited and activated Veliki vrh YU/IS-058 (910m asl), also a SOTA summit and the highest summit in the area, some 5 km away from their intended destination.